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French Bulldog Mildred and her cauliflower ear


Mildred's ears were swollen and bloody, and needed medical care to relieeve her pain.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Sidney the cat with one eye closed


Sidney had an eye-opening treatment

Cats, Rehabilitate

Pupils practice caring for a toy dog

Teaching welfare and kindness

New animal welfare workshops available for primary schools

Charity news, Outreach and Community

Volunteer Del

Volunteer Spotlight: Del

We meet long-term volunteer Del, who takes on many roles at the rehoming centre and beyond.

Posted by Hayley Crymble | Volunteering

Young dachshund cross puppy running toward the camera

Dachshund litter

A litter of 7-month-old puppies proved to be a wriggly challenge for our Behaviour team.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

James and Michaela image

James and Michaela

Read how they came to be a part of our amazing BCDH team, and their daily work to transform the lives of cats and dogs in need.

Charity news

The logo for Petplan Charitable Trust, celebrating their 30 year anniversary.

Petplan Charitable Trust

Posted by Martin Pople | Charity news

Cat Mole had alopecia caused by an allergy, making him almost bald.


A flea allergy that had gone untreated quickly deteriorated this kitten's health.

Cats, Rehabilitate

Lurcher Pepper happy in the garden of her adopted home


We ask Pepper's owners what it was like to adopt a lurcher, one year on.

Dogs, Rehome

Adopted Lurchers Ted and Ivy on the sofa

Ivy and Ted

We catch up with multi-lurcher owners of Ivy and Ted, to see what it is really like to adopt.

Dogs, Rehome

Adopted lurcher Norman asleep on the sofa


We catch up with Norman's new owners, who adopted him a few months ago.

Dogs, Rehome

dog and owner on sofa

Pet Health series

We are launching a new Pet Health series, covering all the useful things to know for keeping your pet cats and dogs healthy and happy. 

Pet health, Welfare

Dark tortoiseshell cat in a hidey bed


Shy Flora and her journey to adoption.

Cats, Rehabilitate

Mazzie in the recovery room waiting for pick up

Together Project - Mazzie

One of our regular clients had a terrible accident – but we could help him.

Dogs, Rehabilitate, Outreach and Community

Zoe with her foster dog Buttercup out on a coastal walk

Dog fostering

Have you thought about fostering one of our dogs?

Volunteering, Fostering

white cat in cattery_Albie keeping an eye on us in the cattery


Can our rehabilitation programme transform this grubby and grouchy stray?

Cats, Rehabilitate

Volunteer Len with the BCDH van

Volunteer Spotlight - Len

We meet Len, who currently a Trading team volunteer and van driver.

Posted by Hayley Crymble | Volunteering

Poodles Barbie and Cindy in our grooming room

Barbie & Cindy

A poodly photo story

Dogs, Rescue, Rehabilitate

Chocolate sweets

Chocolate and pets

Chocolate is very toxic to both cats and dogs – find out why and what symptoms to watch for.


Global Recycling Day logo

Global Recycling Day

What could you be recycling to benefit our charity? You may be surprised!

Charity news

Young cat with cone recovering from an operation


A road traffic accident may have taken one of her nine lives, but she’s fighting for the other eight.

Cats, Rehabilitate

cat looking cosy and warm_RSPCA Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder for March

Check out our digital appeal!

Charity news

Cece getting better with rehabilitation at BCDH


A neglected dog needed some TLC to transform her.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Two kittens sleeping face to face

Crumble & Custard

A fostering story from last year, to show the valuable work our volunteer foster team do.

Cats, Rescue, Fostering

Little terrier rescue dog with a Home Sweet Home cushion

Sharing the love at BCDH

Business partnerships and Secret messages in this season of love at BCDH

Charity news

Bath Half runner in a dog costumer

Are you a runner?

Why not take on the Bath Half as an early spring challenge?

Events, Charity news

Volunteer Lisa with a puppy called Sundae

Volunteer Spotlight - Lisa

Meet Lisa, one of our cat fostering and cattery volunteers who has fostered over 100 cats!

Posted by Hayley Crymble | Volunteering, Fostering

Ken having muzzle training as part of his rehabilitation programme

Ken and muzzle training

A look behind the scenes at some of the Behaviour training with our dogs, to improve their quality of life and chance of adoption.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Rescue cat Viktor was a stressed and bedraggled cat when he first came in


A bedraggled, hissy community cat transformed

Cats, Rehabilitate

Challenge yourself in 2024 with a photo from the Color Obstacle Rush event

Take on a Charity Challenge

We’re all about new beginnings. How about you?


Nervous cat Autumn in the cattery


How fostering assisted a nervous cat to be adopted

Cats, Rehabilitate, Fostering

Hazel jumped straight into the car on adoption day

Adopted (1-7 January)

Adopted last week

Adopted last week

Muffin image


Found on the streets, this nervous girl needed rehabilitation to become a sweet pet dog

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Artistic rendering of George Street in Bath

New year, new shop!

Our city-centre Charity Shop opens in January

Charity news, Trading

Labrador dog underneath a Christmas tree

Preparing ahead for Christmas with your pet

Keeping your pet safe through the festivities

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Black cat wearing a soft medical cone shaped like a sunflower

Adopted (27 November-3 December)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Dog with cherry eye in the vet suite at Bath Cats and Dogs Home

Big Give Christmas Challenge - update

How is it going?

Charity news

Young cat Murphy who had a dislocated jaw


Rehabilitating from a serious injury

Cats, Rehabilitate

Vet and vet nurse tending to a dog with injuries

Our Christmas Appeal

A refurbishment to improve animal welfare at a crucial time

Charity news

Puppy called Parsnip who was adopted this week

Adopted (20-26 November)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

eBay charity ribbon symbol

NOT Black Friday!

Shopping for good, all year round

Charity news

Big Give Christmas Challenge logo

Big Give Christmas Challenge

We have been chosen to be part of a great opportunity.

Charity news

Mike the rescue cat having a lap cuddle in the cattery

Adopted (13-19 November)

Adopted numbers from last week

Adopted last week

Holly taking part in the Bath Half, as part of Team BCDH

Volunteer Spotlight - Holly

Meet Holly, who volunteers with us as Education & Outreach Admin Assistant

Posted by Hayley Crymble | Volunteering

Robbie in the back of a car being adopted

Adopted (6-12 November)

A great adoption week!

Adopted last week

Together Project team receiving their Volunteer Team of the Year award

B&NES Community Awards

Our Together Project team are recognised with an award for their work

Charity news, Volunteering, Outreach and Community

Small black poodle dog in a paddock

Adopted (30 October-5 November)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Jack Russell dog with pumpkin_royalty free image from Canva

Trick or Treat?

Should you dress up your pet?


Black cat Minerva settling into her new home after being adopted

Adopted (23-29 October)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Dennis in his garden

Gifts in wills story - Dennis

We meet Dennis, who tells us why he has left our charity a gift in his will.

Posted by Ali Wilkins | Charity news

Online Auction advert

Online Auction gallery

Bid for a range of treats, experiences and gifts raising funds for cats and dogs

Events, Charity news

Peggy in a poor state in our vet suite


Peggy and her ‘rags to riches’ adoption story 

Rescue, Rehome

Winter Raffle graphic

Winter Raffle 2023

Just the ticket!

Charity news

Black cat looking relaxed sitting on a cushion on a sofa.

Adopted (16-22 October)

Those adopted last week!

Adopted last week

Some of our Bath Half marathon running team before the race and keen to go!

Bath Half success

A great day at the marathon race

Events, Charity news

Dog Alfie being adopted by a member of the BCDH team

Adopted (9-15 October)

Rehomed figures for last week

Adopted last week

Buffy's kittens on a lap, all adopted cats

Adopted (2-8 October)

Adoptions of all sizes from last week

Adopted last week

Rewear Revolution poster

Reflecting on Sustainable Fashion Week

The Rewear Revolution

Charity news, Trading

Gifts in Wills image

Gifts in Wills

Make your plans with our free service, without obligation

Charity news

Happy lurcher rescue dog_adopted

Adopted (25 September - 1 October)

Adoption numbers from last week

Adopted last week

volunteering bath half marathon

Call for supporters at Bath Half Marathon!

Join us as a BCDH volunteer on Sunday 15th October and give race day support to our runners!


will and gibbs adopted

Adopted (18 - 24 September)

Adopted this week

Adopted last week

Rupert dog adoption

Rupert's Remarkable Journey

From Struggles to a Loving Home

Dogs, Rescue

Bath Community Fundraisers

Bath Community Fundraisers Group

Recognising the Dedication of the Bath Community Fundraisers Group

Charity news

cece dog adopted

Adopted (11 - 18 September)

Furry friends with new families

Adopted last week

Peter raffle winner

Spring Raffle Winners Announced!

It’s time to announce the lucky winners of our Spring Raffle!

Charity news

Adopted (4 - 10 September) image

Adopted (4 - 10 September)

Adoptions this week

Adopted last week

Volunteer spotlight Jon

Volunteer Spotlight - Jon

Meet one of our volunteer dog walkers, Jon.

Posted by Hayley Crymble | Volunteering

Pine the cat in her pod

Adopted (28 August - 3 September)

Friends adopted last week

Adopted last week

Bath Cats and Dogs Home team with Dr James Greenwood

Wag Walk 2023 - Paw-sitively Successful!

We had a wonderful sunny day yesterday for our thirteenth annual Wag Walk! 

Charity news

Second Hand September

Try Second Hand this September

Treasure Hunting at our Charity Shops

Charity news, Trading

Monroe dog adoption

Adopted (21 – 27 August)

Cats and Dogs rehomed

Adopted last week

200th Cat Adoption

Adopted (14 – 20 August)

Friends adopted this week

Two rescue dogs in a field

Adopted (7-13 August)

Friends adopted

Adopted last week

Dr James Greenwood at Wag Walk 2022

A dash of celebrity at Wag Walk

TV presenter and vet Dr James Greenwood will return to support our Wag Walk this year

Charity news

Farm cat free-roaming cat Mocha in her barn

Independent cats

Did you know that we rehome free-roaming and community cats? 

Cats, Welfare

Black kitten snoozing amongst his toys

Adopted (31 July-6 August)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Two abandoned puppies in a rescue centre

Duck and Goose

Happy homes found for two spaniel puppies abandoned during a heatwave

Dogs, Rescue, Rehome

Labrador dog having a harness put on before being adopted

Adopted (24-30 July)

Happy adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Jack Russell Lucy in our real-life room

Adopted (17-23 July)

A terrier-tastic week of adoptions

Adopted last week

Dan Hill and his dog Basil outside our Charity Shop window featuring him running the Bath Half last year

Catching up with one of our runners

We see how Dan 'the dog' Hill is getting on with his Bath Half training

Charity news

Woman shopping at Charity Super Mkt

Charity Super.Mkt in Bristol

Fashion with compassion

Posted by Jasmine Dyer | Charity news, Trading

Young child and dog in the river covered in mud

School holidays for pets

Keeping to their routine is key


black cat

Adopted (10-16 July)

Cat-tastic adoption week

Adopted last week

Sphynx cat in rescue cattery

Adopted (3-9 July)

Those adopted last week

Adopted last week

Worried dog saluki lurcher

Adopted story: Ethel

An anxious dog nervous of strangers and dogs, what this girl needed was to feel loved.

Dogs, Rehome

Adopted (26 June-2 July) image

Adopted (26 June-2 July)

Making a difference to lives every day

Adopted last week

Advert for Summer Sundays in Bath 2023

Doggie Trail

Find the felted dogs during Summer Sundays in Bath

Charity news

Animal Care team saying goodbye to beagle Dexter who was being adopted

Adopted (19-25 June)

Figures for last week

Adopted last week

The office isn't for everyone!  image

The office isn't for everyone!

It is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Dogs, Welfare

Young cat being scanned for a microchip_photo by Emma Jacobs RSPCA

New microchipping law for cats

New laws coming in next year means cat owners must take action


Bonny being adopted

Adopted (12-18 June)

Last week's adoptions

Adopted last week

Bradford on Avon Charity Shop

Focus on... BoA Charity Shop

We met with Shop Manager Tiz to chat about our Bradford on Avon Charity Shop.

Posted by Jasmine Dyer | Charity news, Trading

Dog having a microchip checked


Why these little chips make a big difference


ginger cat lying in bed looking very comfy

Adopted (5-11 June)

We're feline fine

Adopted last week

Volunteer Max

Volunteer Spotlight - Max

We speak to new volunteer Max, on the e-commerce team

Posted by Hayley Crymble | Volunteering, Trading

child and dog licking her face

Keeping children safe around dogs

Tips for families during Child Safety Week

Dog behaviour, Welfare

Volunteer Margaret with a dog in the real-life room

Volunteer Spotlight - Margaret

We meet Margaret, who volunteers everywhere!

Posted by Hayley Crymble | Volunteering

Celebrating the 100th dog adoption this year

Adopted (29 May-4 June)

We celebrate the 100th dog adopted from Bath Cats and Dogs Home in 2023!

Adopted last week

Volunteers Week graphic

Volunteers' Week 2023

Volunteers are at the heart of what we do!

Charity news, Volunteering

Cat with ear tip removed

Adopted (22-28 May)

A look at who was adopted last week

Adopted last week

Bath Foodbank and the Bath Cats and Dogs Home team

Working with Bath Foodbank

A little help for local pet owners to feed their pets

Posted by Ali Wilkins | Charity news

White cat with ear tips removed having a snooze

Adopted 15-21 May

Adopted last week

Pandora mum dog with newborn puppies

Spring Appeal - keeping mum

Caring for female dogs at their most vulnerable

Dogs, Charity news

Couple adopting a rescue dog

Adopted (8-14 May)

Adopted last week

Peggy the german shepherd dog

Adopted story: Peggy

Peggy needed a fun and active home to build her confidence, could she find her forever home?

Dogs, Rehome

Bath Cats and Dogs Home Charity Events June 2023

Community Groups Events - June

Here's what our volunteer fundraising groups have coming up in local areas.

Posted by Katy Goodship | Events

walking cute dog on a harness and lead

Happy Walks

May is National Walking Month, so let's make our dog's walks fun!

Dogs, Welfare

Happy American Bulldog dog in car

Adopted (24 April - 8 May)

Post-bank holidays special

Adopted last week

Volunteer Jess with cat Ted as part of her cattery care role

Volunteer Spotlight - Jess

We meet Jess, Cattery Care & Laundry Volunteer


Black and white cat with details of the BCDH Spring Raffle

Spring Raffle

Just launched!

Charity news

Pet allergies image

Pet allergies

Can you adopt a cat if you are allergic?

Cats, Welfare

Shy lurcher dog with animal carer looking on

Adopted (17-23 April)

Blossoming friendships

Adopted last week

Happy grey staffie dog having a wash, very waggy tail

Adopted (10-16 April)

Adoption figures

Adopted last week

Cute dog recovering from a broken front leg

Vote for us to win a £5,000 award

Vote for us to win a jackpot of £5,000 in the animal-charities-only special from Movement for Good.

Charity news

Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust 40th year logo

40 years of giving

Thank you to the Trust which has made such to a difference to animal welfare worldwide

Posted by Martin Pople | Charity news

Three-legged dog with paw up

Adopted (3-9 April)

Adopted last week

lost pet sign by Pixabay

World Stray Animals Day

Our top tips to prepare in case your pet is lost


Frenchie Maggie

Adopted (27 March - 2 April)

Small and compact list – like Maggie!

Adopted last week

Adorable older terrier dog on a sofa

Adopted story: Mabel

A special story to celebrate the start of National Pet Month


National Pet Month logo

National Pet Month is nearly here

What are you doing for April's National Pet Month? 

Posted by Laura Taylor | Events

Lurcher dog sleeping on their bed surrounded by toys

Adopted (20-26 March)

Adopted last week

Faux flowers for sale in our Trowbridge Charity Shop

Spring Donation Drive

Having a declutter? Please donate!

Posted by Jasmine Dyer | Charity news, Trading

Two lurcher puppies leaning at kennel split door

National Puppy Day

How to adopt a puppy from Bath Cats & Dogs Home

Charity news

Tick parasite on a person

Tick bites and your pet

How to remove and identify ticks


Cat flirting rolling on back

Adopted (13-19th March)

Second chances for strays

Adopted last week

Bulldog Dahlia having a nap

World Sleep Day



Dog being adopted, in the boot of a car

Adopted (6-12 March)

Some stylish adoptions!

Adopted last week

chihuahua with protuding eyes and dome-shaped head, a sign of poor breeding

Considering getting a dog?

Before you jump into the joy of owning a dog, take a moment to consider the breed you have fallen for

Dogs, Welfare

lurcher dog in the back of a car

Adopted (27 February - 5 March)

A fond farewell to friends

Adopted last week

Frome Charity Shop with manager Josie

Focus on... Frome Charity Shop

A video tour of our wonderful shop

Posted by Jasmine Dyer | Charity news, Trading

Man in dog costume during Bath Half marathon c Anna Barclay

Bath Half marathon

One of our pawsome runners tells all

Charity news

Kitten Mole in the enrichment garden wearing a protective coat

Adopted (20-26 February)

Short but sweet rehomed list this week

Adopted last week

cat with medical buster collar

Neuter Clinic opens

We have started a new low-cost clinic to help pets in our community

puppy lurcher dog on a mat

Lurcher week: meet Eddie

Eddie is a very bright and confident puppy looking for a home!


lurcher Alan sleeping in his PJs

Adopted story: Alan

We find out the truth about adopting a lurcher...

Dogs, Rehome

Katy in a dog outfit flipping a pancake for a Pancake Race

Pancake Day!

We took part in the Bradford on Avon Pancake Race

Charity news

three dogs on a walk having a lovely time

Adopted (13-19 February)

Adopted last week

fashion labels clothes from charity ebay shop

Feelgood fashion

It's London Fashion Week dahlings, but you don't have to go that far to be stylish.

Charity news

Dog asleep on his toy

Catching up with an adopted litter

A special litter from last summer are all grown up!

Dogs, Rehome

Staff and dog in the enrichment garden

Triangle of care

This is how we care, every day

Charity news

Dog in a car having a hug

Adopted (6-12 February)

Numbers rehomed last week.

Adopted last week

Lily_lilies are poisonous to cats

Lilies and cats

A reminder to avoid lilies in your Valentines bouquets


Pair of cats relaxing in a cattery pod

Adopted (30 January - 5 February)

Feline fine about adoptions

Adopted last week

Young staffie bull breed dog smiling to camera

Adopted story: Ripple

We matched together a dog and a person, both looking for a companion

Dogs, Rehome

Part of a flier for a charity pub quiz

Community Groups events - February

Here's what our volunteer fundraising groups have coming up in local areas

Posted by Katy Goodship | Events

cute dog excited to be adopted

Adopted (23-29 January)

Happy adoption days!

Adopted last week

Woman collecting raffle prize with big cheque

Winter raffle winners


Charity news

Black cat in a cattery pod with fish toy

Adopted (16-22 January)

Brave little cat having a second chance

Adopted last week

Bulldog with cropped ears


The illegal practice of ear cropping remains a trend.

Rescue, RSPCA

Gaston dog snoozing

Adopted story: Gaston

Gaston taking it easy in his new home

Dogs, Rehome

Dog in car

Adopted (9-15 January)

A busy adoption week

Adopted last week

Vinny cat walking along the fence

Adopted story: Vinny & Theo

These bonded brothers needed a home together, despite being chalk and cheese

Cats, Rehome

cats with house plants

Houseplants and pets

Today is Houseplant Appreciation Day


dog with harness wagging their tail

Adopted (2-8 January)

Discovering the world!

Adopted last week

Winter Raffle graphic

Last chance to play the Winter Raffle

Be lucky!

Charity news

Pete the dog on the sofa_adopted photo

Adopted (19 December - 1 January)

Festive happy endings

Adopted last week

dog upside down that looks like they are smiling

2022 at BCDH

Enjoy our video highlights of the year!

Charity news

Malnourished spaniel dog

Winter Appeal - Goldy

The future looks bright for this little girl with some medical rehabililtation.

Rehabilitate, Charity news

Kittens playing with a cardboard box

Boxes as enrichment

You'll probably have lots of boxes and wrapping paper around, don't recycle straight away – use them as an enrichment game for your pet!


Dog opening a christmas cracker present

This week at the Home

Festive opening, and present opening!

Charity news

Volunteer Margaret getting to know dog Lunar

Adopted (12 -18 December)

Saying farewell to one of our stars

Adopted last week

terrier dog close up

Winter Appeal - Pete

Pete came in injured, and needed daily care.

Dogs, Rehabilitate, Charity news

terrier dog

Adopted story: Jonboy

Jonboy popped back for a vet check up, and to say hello!

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Dog with Christmas decorations

Creating a safe space for your pets 

Helping your pets cope with a busy household


Pretty cat in a cattery

Winter Appeal - Billy

Billy needed long-term rehabilitation in our cattery, and his transformation is wonderful.

Welfare, Charity news

Mum cat and kitten eating

Adopted (5 -11 December)

Taking different paths


Adopted last week

Kitten in a cosy bed

Winter Appeal - Fly

Tiny and wounded, Fly had one of many emergency operations at the Home in 2022

Welfare, Charity news

Large dog on the sofa

Adopted story: Bringo

Bringo’s story has a happy ending, but it does have a shocking start.

Dogs, Rehome, RSPCA

Bath Christmas Market charity stall

Bath Christmas Market - thank you

We had a lovely day!

Charity news

Dog with a biscuit on his nose_trick

Pet care costs - food

Pet food is an unavoidable expense, but you can watch your pennies and keep your pet healthy

Bath Christmas Market promotional illustration

Bath Christmas Market

This Thursday, find our stall at the market

Charity news

Litter of two-day-old puppies

Adopted (28 November - 4 December)

Puppy power!

Adopted last week

Vet listening to a puppy's heartbeat with a stethoscope

Winter Appeal - at the vet suite

A look behind the scenes at the Vet Suite, as our appeal focuses on an increased need for medical rehabilitation.

Welfare, Charity news

Cat having flea treatment to the back of their neck

Pet care costs

Keeping an eye on those pet medical costs


Charity shop Christmas window display

Your online votes wanted

There are two votes you can help us win!

Charity news

Two chihuahua dogs

Winter Appeal

Help rescue animals get the medical care and love they desperately need, by donating to our Winter Appeal.

Welfare, Charity news

Kitten upside down in lap

Adopted last week

Our favourite thing!

Adopted last week

Sustainable shopping image

Sustainable shopping

Avoid fast fashion and get a bargain with our online shops.

Charity news, Trading

Happy beagle dog in a field

Adopted story: Tillie

Tillie was looking for a home with plenty of company, we caught up with her new family.

Dogs, Rehome

Shopping online with laptop and credit card

Online shopping with heart

It's sales time, but did you know there's a way of making your online purchase benefit cats and dogs?

Charity news

Puppy looking guilty after a toileting accident, or is he?


Happy World Toilet Day! Toileting is big news for pets as well, so we take a look at one of the aspects of housetraining a dog, be it a puppy or new rescue dog.

Dogs, Welfare

Tabby cat in a field in the countryside

Adopted story: Tiggs

Tiggs needed to swap city life for the country, how did it work out?

Cats, Rehome

Black cat sat in their cattery pod

Cattery volunteers wanted

Experienced cat owners wanted, for a weekly role

Charity news

Winter Raffle graphic with prize details

Winter Raffle

Enter our raffle for a chance to win £500!


Three cute kittens who were found feral

Walnut, Cashew and Peanut

Born to a feral mum on an industrial estate, this litter need an urgent and intense program of behaviour rehabilitation.

Cats, Rescue, Rehabilitate

Black cat sitting on a lap in a cattery pod


Diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatitis, and dangerously thin from diarrhoea, it was clear that Marley’s recovery with us would be a long one.

Cats, Rehabilitate

Tabby kitten lying on a blanket with toys

The 'Bread' kittens

Sourdough, Pumpernickel and Rye were abandoned in a box left in a layby.

Cats, Rescue

White lurcher dog looking very thin and scared


Bronco must have been terrified. He was found running around a village, severely underweight and with wounds and a large abscess on his shoulder.

Dogs, Rehabilitate, RSPCA

rescue dog puppy with scars on face


RSPCA Inspectors rescued puppies who were left to starve, and brought them for medical attention and rehoming at Bath Cats & Dogs Home

Dogs, Rescue, Rehabilitate, RSPCA

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