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We meet Dennis, who tells us why he has left our charity a gift in his will.

October is Free Wills Month, so as the month draws to a close we end on a lovely interview with one of our long-term supporters.

Dennis has adored animals his entire life since he was a young boy growing up in London where his family had a Labrador dog and a cat. Following a career working for insurance companies in London where he met his second wife, Elizabeth, the couple moved to Wiltshire in 1983 and later became involved with Bath Cats and Dogs Home as adopters, visitors and as donors for many years.  

Like his parents before him, Dennis, has always adopted rescue dogs as his pets. Dennis said: "I’ve always been mad about dogs and I wanted to give rescue dogs their rightful quality of life.” Initially, he had a black female Labrador from Battersea Dogs Home while he lived in London and then later he and his wife Elizabeth, adopted a black female Labrador from the Home which they renamed, Scooby Doo, because she had one floppy ear and one upright ear just like the TV character. They also saved all their loose change in a fundraising tin which they donated to Bath Cats and Dogs Home whenever it was full. 

Beloved rescue dog Scooby Doo 

During their retirement, Dennis and Elizabeth, ran a small dog sitting service for friends and neighbours when they went away on holiday so they often had between three to five dogs staying with them. Dennis said: “It was an absolute pleasure to look after local people’s dogs, we made some lovely friends and they would bring their dogs back again year after year. The dogs loved every minute of staying with us and sometimes they would hide when their owners came to collect them as they didn’t want to go home after having so much fun.”  

Dennis is now in his nineties and sadly, his wife Elizabeth, died several years ago. Dennis cared for her when she became ill and he said: “I believe dogs need a lot of care, attention and exercise so when I became a full-time carer for my wife I had to stop having dogs as I didn’t have enough time to look after them as well as I would like.”

“I chose to leave a legacy to Bath Cats and Dogs Home as I’m thankful for all the care they give to rescue animals as the local branch of the RSPCA and because I have such a passion for dogs. I have a close bond with the Home because we adopted Scooby Doo from there and I used to enjoy visiting the Home often to see all the rescue animals.” 

“I’ve loved animals ever since I was able to, starting off very young I grew up with dogs and cats. Throughout my life I’ve adopted animals, and every dog I have ever had has been from a rescue, including some from the Home. I am very passionate about giving a dog a second chance at a good home. I’m now in a period of life when I’m unable to give the exercise they would need to be able to adopt, so have chosen to give a gift in my will to help animals."

If you’d like to find out more about writing a will or leaving a gift in your will, like Dennis, to support future generations of rescue animals at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, please head to our Legacy section, which includes special offers for writing your will. 

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