One day at a time with scared Bronco

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Bronco must have been terrified. He was found running around a village, severely underweight and with wounds and a large abscess on his shoulder.

Luckily a kind member of the public rushed him to the local vets who called the RSPCA as he was in such a terrible condition.

That's when he was brought to Bath Cats and Dogs Home, as although he was microchipped, no owner could be identified. The RSPCA appealed to the public for any information, with no response. 

Our vets immediately began to treat Broncos wounds and he was given pain medication to make him more comfortable. He was severely underweight, so also started on a diet of nutritious food to aid his recovery. Bronco responded well to treatment, his abscess reduced quickly and wounds healed.

Bronco was fortunate to be brought into our care to receive the treatment and care he desperately needed. 

Sadly, after what he has been through Bronco was petrified of humans, and we knew it would take some time for him to trust people again. He was completely shut down and froze when in contact with people, glued to the spot, it was heart-breaking to see.

A gradual process with lots of positive reinforcement that people aren't scary, at Bronco's pace, to do what it takes for him gain the trust he needs to live a happy life. 

Lurcher dog relaxing on the sofa in the assessment room

Above  Bronco in our assessment room which is styled like a living room. This moment of relaxation with his carer beside him was a big step of trust.

Below  Bronco loved to be with other dogs, and pairing him with other dogs in the rescue for walks and playtimes gave him confidence to move around the site and beyond for walks. Eventually, he was relaxed enough to play with people watching. From here, we could introduce him to prospective adopters. He was with us for about five months of rehabilitation to reach this stage.

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