Adopted (7-13 August)

Adopted last week

Friends adopted

Last week we rehomed 13 animals and 4 lost pets were reunited with their families.

Adoptions included Galaxy and Churro (above) who were walking buddies in the centre.

We love a 'before and after' pic, here's Churro near the beginning and end of his stay with us (below). And the little spaniel left with a special message from his carer, "You've come so far, from the stressed out, anxious mess that first arrived. One happy playful boy now, Good Luck in your new home ????"

Before picture of a sad rescue dog with buster collar on After picture of a happy spaniel dog

» Click here to see our full rehoming gallery for last week

Thank you to all of our adopters!




Black cat wearing a soft medical cone shaped like a sunflower

Adopted (27 November-3 December)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Puppy called Parsnip who was adopted this week

Adopted (20-26 November)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Mike the rescue cat having a lap cuddle in the cattery

Adopted (13-19 November)

Adopted numbers from last week

Adopted last week

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