Pet care costs - food

Pet food is an unavoidable expense, but you can watch your pennies and keep your pet healthy

Buy in bulk

Food can be bought cheaper in big bags or boxes online, or your local pet shop may be willing to order you in a larger packet if you want to keep shopping locally.

If the cost is still too high, ask your vet for advice before you make a big change. Consider what would be suitable for your pet to keep them healthy – a quality protein level is important at all ages. All new foods should be slowly introduced to avoid stomach upsets. Start with just a small handful a day for a week, and then increase slowly and keep an eye on their poops for signs of upset. If they do get an upset stomach then change over more slowly.

Homemade treats

Treats for dog training and walks can be expensive to buy, why not try the vacuum­packed frankfurter sausages that are very cheap. Slice them lengthways then finely into halfmoons and oven cook until chewy but not burnt (harder than it sounds – keep an eye on them!). Cool and then they are smelly and tasty mini treats. Not too many though! 

French Bulldog Mildred and her cauliflower ear


Mildred's ears were swollen and bloody, and needed medical care to relieeve her pain.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Sidney the cat with one eye closed


Sidney had an eye-opening treatment

Cats, Rehabilitate

Pupils practice caring for a toy dog

Teaching welfare and kindness

New animal welfare workshops available for primary schools

Charity news, Outreach and Community

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