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Read how they came to be a part of our amazing BCDH team, and their daily work to transform the lives of cats and dogs in need.


James has been at BCDH for 6 years, starting as an Animal Carer and now with the Rehoming team.

Tell us about your work at BCDH

I am talking on the phone to potential adopters about their lifestyle and finding a cat or dog who is a good match for them, then later I meet and introduce them to the animals they would like to adopt here at the rehoming centre.

I also liaise with the Vet team, Behaviour team and Animal Care team to ensure all the information about the animals is up to date and correct for the adopter when they go home. 

The best part of the job is finding a good home for the cat or dog and knowing that they have a secure future. It is also nice to see just how many animals we help. 

I’m proud to be part of the team due to the openness of the charity. Not only do we have an open intake which allows us to take in animals other centres would turn away, but we also work alongside the RSPCA, local councils and the Police in taking in the animals that need it the most.


Michaela has been Head Vet at BCDH for over 18 months, although had covered shifts at the rehoming centre for several years as well as being a volunteer vet for our Together Project clinics.

Tell us about your work at BCDH

An average day entails a morning of operations- usually neutering and dentals but we can do any sort of operation from amputations to exploratory surgeries, lump removals, biopsies... it's usually varied. Then in the afternoon we do appointments - seeing new animals in and making plans for them according to their needs, rechecking any animals on site with ongoing problems or any new problems, as well as seeing animals that are on foster or that have been rehomed with assisted adoption schemes. 

Throughout the day we also field queries and liase with all teams including the animal care team, rehoming, fostering and behaviour teams. 

The favourite part of my job is seeing animals going to their loving forever homes, often after having such a hard start in life, or coming in in a sad state - I always say to them when they come in that we've got them, we'll get them better and we'll find them the loving home that they deserve and when that all comes to fruition - it's the best feeling ever.

I'm proud of being part of a team that cares so much for these animals; everyone at BCDH plays their part to rehabilitate these animals and goes above and beyond to give them the love and care they deserve to get them back onto their feet and in to their forever homes.

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