Pancake Day!

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We took part in the Bradford on Avon Pancake Race

The Bradford on Avon Pancake Race takes place on Shrove Tuesday each year and local businesses put forward a member of staff to race across the town bridge and back whilst flipping a pancake. Representing our BoA-based Charity Shop was Katy in a dog outfit – putting her best paws forward she gained a respectable 6th place! See her on the local BBC news at 6.30pm tonight.

Meanwhile, at the Home some doggie-suitable pancakes were made for canine residents topped with sprats and gravy bones – we think we'll stick to lemon and sugar for our own tonight! 


Dog with cherry eye in the vet suite at Bath Cats and Dogs Home

Big Give Christmas Challenge - update

How is it going?

Charity news

Vet and vet nurse tending to a dog with injuries

Our Christmas Appeal

A refurbishment to improve animal welfare at a crucial time

Charity news

eBay charity ribbon symbol

NOT Black Friday!

Shopping for good, all year round

Charity news

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