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Happy World Toilet Day! Toileting is big news for pets as well, so we take a look at one of the aspects of housetraining a dog, be it a puppy or new rescue dog.

"He knows he's done wrong" 

The 'guilty look' is one of the most common misconceptions in dog behaviour. In fact it has been discovered that dogs are unable to feel the emotion of guilt. Dogs that look 'guilty' are just reacting to your facial expression and body posture, or they have previously learnt that toileting with an owner nearby results in punishment. 

How to react

Don't punish your dog for housetraining accidents, but praise them when they are correct. Our mantra is 'reward the good, ignore the bad'!

However it is up to you to help them have those 'good' moments in order to reward them.

Learn your dog's toileting routine such as how long after eating or waking they need to go. This will change as they grow up, and as they grow older. If you know this, you can help structure their day for success.

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