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Sidney had an eye-opening treatment


Sidney was an older cat who came to us mid-March, as sadly her owner had died. 

We noticed she was squinting her left eye and it had a redness. Using ophthalmic equipment, our vets could see that she had a large ulcer approximately 1cm in diameter. We prescribed medicated eye drops but unusually her eye did not improve with this treatment so, in April, we looked closer under anaesthesia to see if we could see the cause or if a surgical fix was possible. Luckily, her eye looked healthy underneath the ulcer so an intensive care plan was made.

Some of Sidney’s blood was taken, and from this serum eye drops that are unique to her are made. The treatment and vet checks were frequent, but she was a little trooper – a credit to her owner who had brought up a lovely pet cat.

After two weeks of intensive treatment, the ulcer had halved in size, but it was slow going. We were getting concerned with how much this was taking out of Sidney. 

So we invited an expert ophthalmologist in to look at her, and they diagnosed a rare conjunctivitis disease. With Sidney under anaesthetic, the specialist placed a therapeutic soft contact lens in which could give medication and protection directly where it is needed. It meant we could stop all other medication and eye drops, which was much more relaxing for Sidney (and the team!).

In the following weeks, Sidney’s Animal Carers reported her feeling much brighter. She is currently still under treatment at BCDH rehoming centre. 

Above: Sidney enjoying the cat enrichment garden.


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Cats, Rehabilitate

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Cats, Rehabilitate

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Cats, Rehabilitate

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