Trick or Treat?


Should you dress up your pet?

Dressing up your pet for Halloween can seem funny, but is it kind? Here’s 3 questions to check in with whenever you put clothes on your cat or dog.

1. Can they move properly?

2. Can they still communicate? Dogs need at least ears, eyes and tails in view and free to move to ‘talk’ to other dogs.

3. Is your pet stressed? Signs of stress in cats include grooming themselves and making more noise than usual. Signs in dogs include licking their lips, yawning or panting.


Most pets will not enjoy being dressed up, so this Halloween keep the costumes on you!


Farm cat free-roaming cat Mocha in her barn

Independent cats

Did you know that we rehome free-roaming and community cats? 

Cats, Welfare

Young child and dog in the river covered in mud

School holidays for pets

Keeping to their routine is key


The office isn't for everyone!  image

The office isn't for everyone!

It is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Dogs, Welfare

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