Adopted story: Ripple

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We matched together a dog and a person, both looking for a companion

Ripple came to us as a stray dog, but no owner could be traced. Just a young boy, we knew nothing about him except he was very eager to please and loved being around people. We knew we would need to find him someone who was also looking for a companion, so they could become a loyal team.

Six months after adoption, we checked in with Ripple and his owner, and we are so pleased. His last comment may have brought a tear to our eyes...

"The last six months have gone so quick – Ripple is doing fine – he’s such an affectionate dog. He’s house-trained and loves travelling in the car and even been on the train to Bath, and he's been to the beach a few times and loves it.

He gets on with all dogs, and knows when to not play. His recall is getting better – not great when there’s another dog to play with! But hey he’s young.

So finally thank you for choosing me to adopt Ripple, he will have a really good life I promise."

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