Adopted story: Bringo

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Bringo’s story has a happy ending, but it does have a shocking start.

Bringo was rescued by RSPCA Inspectors as he was being starved. In his desperation he had swallowed a t-shirt and needed an emergency operation to extract the tangled item from his intestines.

His complicated history, which included isolation from the world, of course meant that he needed some behaviour rehabilitation along with his physical recovery, and he was very much loved as all our animals here are. It took a very special family to adopt him, and we enjoy every update that we get from them.

The family have set up an Instagram account for Bringo, and recently posted this heart-warming post about adopting a large and challenging dog, that we just had to share!

“We very much want to show awareness for not only rescue dogs but large rescue dogs. Bringo is, as we can all see, a large boy. He weights over 50kg, wears a muzzle that he unfortunately receives a lot of judgement for, has a dual lead due to his strength, and a deep loud bark. All of the above often leads to negative assumptions that, in truth, we deal with on a daily basis.

That being said, we will never stop pushing the boundaries to show others that there is so much more behind the exterior. Every dog has the right to be a dog no matter the breed, size or background. Bringo does and will continue to go on adventures as other dogs do, yes we have a more distant approach to remain responsible but we will never shy away from areas that Bringo will enjoy.

And we want to encourage others. If you're thinking that you may have the interest to get a new pet or specifically a dog then please consider rescue. It will without a doubt be challenging and require a lot of patience, however the reward you get when you stand back and look at the life you've created for them... you'll realise how much you mean to them and inevitably how much they mean to you. There are thousands of pets waiting for forever homes.
We promise that they're worth it.

» Follow Bringo's adventures on Instagram.

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