Happy Walks

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May is National Walking Month, so let's make our dog's walks fun!

We asked our team, what do you do to make your walks fun for your dog?

Dayna, Rehoming team
“ My mother-in-law’s dog loves being in busy places and getting attention. At his local pub he heads straight for the bar to get a treat from the landlady!”

TOP TIP: Always  allow your dog the choice of whether to interact with people or not, some dogs signal they are uncomfortable by avoiding being stroked so try to learn what your dog is saying.

Jordan, Animal Care team
“ Lots of chances to sniff, and interactive games like ‘find it’ which is both sniffing and treats, using their brains!”

FIND IT: Throw a smelly treat to the floor in sight of your dog and encourage them to sniff and ‘find it’. Make the game harder the better they get at it, throwing into long grass or further away.

Jade, Animal Care team
“ Different environments to keep things interesting. One day on the track, next day in the fields, then the woods or beach.”

TOP TIP: Anxious dogs would prefer the same places as new things are stressful. A regular route where they can check-in at all the sniffing spots will be relaxing and rewarding for them.

terrier dog eating a treat in the woods

One of our dogs eating his treat during a wooded walk near the Home, we mix up our walks between woods, fields and roads
Adopted lurcher Norman asleep on the sofa


We catch up with Norman's new owners, who adopted him a few months ago.

Dogs, Rehome

Adopted Lurchers Ted and Ivy on the sofa

Ivy and Ted

We catch up with multi-lurcher owners of Ivy and Ted, to see what it is really like to adopt.

Dogs, Rehome

Lurcher Pepper happy in the garden of her adopted home


We ask Pepper's owners what it was like to adopt a lurcher, one year on.

Dogs, Rehome

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