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Our Together Project team are recognised with an award for their work

We are proud to announce that our Together Project team have won Volunteer Team of the Year at the B&NES Community Awards. The awards celebrate the valuable contributions made by the community, businesses, and organisations in Bath and North East Somerset. This award category is given to a volunteer team that have made ‘an exceptional contribution to the community’.

We are ecstatic that the volunteer vets and nurses who run the Together Project alongside Bath Cats and Dogs Home, with support from Bath Vets, have been recognised as Volunteer Team of the Year in these Awards.

Hayley Crymble, Volunteer Engagement Manager “We are so proud of the team and their dedication in supporting Bath’s vulnerable pet owners to care for their beloved cats and dogs, who are a lifeline for them providing routine, comfort and companionship.  Our congratulations to all the award winners.”

About the Together Project

Established in 2018, the Together Project is a community outreach project supported by Bath Cats and Dogs Home and delivered by a team of volunteer vets and nurses from Bath Vets, whose aim is to provide non-judgmental veterinary advice, preventative treatment and care to the pets of vulnerably housed and homeless people in Bath and North East Somerset. 

Working in partnership with local homeless charities Julian House and Genesis Trust, the Together Project team understands the strong bond between an owner and a pet, and that for many of their service users, a pet can be a lifeline, so they aim to do whatever they can to keep these beloved pets together with their owners. 

The Together Project team works to deliver their services to their clients in several different ways. They hold regular clinics where Julian House and Genesis Trust clients can bring their pets to discuss any concerns they have. 

In addition to this, one Thursday morning a month, the volunteer vets and nurses top up their backpacks with the equipment they’ll need to deliver treatment on the go, as they head to Bath city centre to catch up with clients who have not been able to come into the clinic and to make others aware of the service that is available to them. Their proactive approach demonstrates to service users that the team care for their pet’s welfare and will notice if they do not attend the clinic, earning valuable trust from the client. 

Each animal is treated with care, and each client with respect. Animal lovers themselves, the entire Together Project team want the best for their client’s pets and seek only to support their clients to best care for their pets independently. The volunteer team build strong bonds with the patients and will often be greeted by a happy dog running down the street to see them when out on their Thursday morning rounds in the city centre. 

The ethos of the Together Project aligns with the values of Bath Cats & Dogs Home to be dedicated and kind, promoting responsible pet ownership in a sensitive way, recognizing how important each pet is to every pet guardian. This volunteer team’s consistent contribution to an often hard to reach group of people within the Bath and North East Somerset community is an important aspect of Bath Cats & Dogs Home’s aim to help more people in the local area and keep pets in their loving homes when faced with difficult times.

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