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A neglected dog needed some TLC to transform her.

Little Cece was picked up by the Dog Warden in summer 2023. She had little fur, was scabby and her claws were overgrown curling into the pads of her feet. She had medical signs of having been used as a breeding dog even though she was just 2 and half years old.

Cece_dog with hair loss from neglect Cece_dog with hair loss from neglect

This was the moment her life changed – just a couple of weeks’ treatment and she was on her way to being a very healthy dog ready for adoption. Her nails were clipped, and medication for infections where the nails had pierced her skin. She had regular baths for her skin and, as her vet prescribed, ‘lots of TLC’!

Cece having a bath Cece looking better as her hair grows back

Our Animal Care team certainly did that, and she bounced back to be an adorable young dog who was more than ready for her next chapter in life. We matched her to a family home, where she is the centre of attention and definitely getting all the love and care that she deserves.

Cece fully recovered and in her new home Cece fully recovered and in her new home


From her new family: “She is such a friendly bundle of joy. She loves her walks, zooming around our garden, and especially snuggling and snoozing on the sofas, and it's quite surprising how loud her snores are!  Her hair is growing so beautifully – thank you so much again for rescuing her, she's brought so much joy and love to us all.”

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Dogs, Rehabilitate

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