Adopted story: Peggy

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Peggy needed a fun and active home to build her confidence, could she find her forever home?

Peggy was a bag of nerves when we first met her, not knowing where to place herself or how to act. But as we started to see the affectionate girl underneath, we knew she was something special. Joyously, we found her a family who could see that special too, and six months after adoption we caught up with them to see how Peggy was getting on.

"Getting Peggy was a big decision as a family and we knew that it would not be an easy job to train her to give her the best life possible. After getting Peggy, all those worries of training difficulties melted away. She has blown me away at how eager she is to learn and doesn’t let any setback slow her down in her training.

In terms of her nervousness, Peggy still has some way to go but her confidence is starting to show. We adopted a ‘space’ kind of training. If she does not feel comfortable to say hello, she will walk a short distance away and maintain it until the person has passed. It allows her to feel in control and I think its been vital to her growth. With other dogs, we've had doggy playdates in and out of the home, and her best friend Loki has been the biggest help. She is now happy to play with other dogs and initiates play at any opportunity she gets. 

Peggy the dog with other doggie friends on a play date

She is now at a point where she can be walked off-lead in several locations (the beach is her favourite!) and fully enjoy being a dog. Balls were the way to her heart and you’d be hard-pressed to find Peggy walking without a ball in her mouth! She is just a joy to have around, whether it be snuggling on the bed after a long day walking or just generally goofing around – Peggy is in our hearts forever.

Peggy the dog on the beach with her ball

I always knew I wanted to adopt a dog and give them a second chance at everything – but it has been more gratifying and rewarding than I ever could’ve imagined! One of the reasons it has felt like this is because of the wonderful staff at Bath Cats and Dogs Home. It’s clear that each and every one of you care greatly about the animals and give them the best chance possible in their new homes. Every visit we had was very informative and it was so uplifting to see how much care is poured into the animals. 

We hope that Peggy’s journey will inspire others to adopt an animal in need of a loving home."

Peggy the dog relaxing in a field on a walk

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