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This is how we care, every day

It's the day of love, so we thought we'd share an insight into how we care, every day. 

Experience has shown us that the best animal welfare at the Home comes from our teams working together – we call it the triangle of care.

We guide our cats and dogs through rehabilitation to adoption, every one receiving individual care plans. Some need more vet care than others, some need behaviour work, some just need a safe place to stay. Our team values are to be

Open & Honest

Happy Valentines Day, and thank you for caring about animals – we couldn't do this without your support!


James and Michaela image

James and Michaela

Read how they came to be a part of our amazing BCDH team, and their daily work to transform the lives of cats and dogs in need.

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The logo for Petplan Charitable Trust, celebrating their 30 year anniversary.

Petplan Charitable Trust

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Global Recycling Day

What could you be recycling to benefit our charity? You may be surprised!

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