Dachshund litter

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A litter of 7-month-old puppies proved to be a wriggly challenge for our Behaviour team.


A litter of 7-month-old puppies proved to be a wriggly challenge for our Behaviour team, as none of them had experienced life outside of a crate.

The team created a socialisation programme that would give lots of different experiences, including going outside in increasingly larger areas, seeing and meeting other dogs and meeting different people. When outside they were a little chaotic, staying so close that they were usually under our feet.

Peanut the puppy was deaf and epileptic

One of the boys, Branston, was more nervous. He didn’t want to have fuss and was incredibly overwhelmed, urinating and shaking. And Peanut (above) we discovered was both deaf and epileptic. These two had to go at a slower pace to their siblings, taking time to have confidence to do some activities on their own.

We matched the dogs to adopters keen to work with them, and most were adopted within 4 weeks (Peanut took a little longer to find his forever home).

As always, our Behaviour team were always on hand for advice after adoption. At the 6-month check in with the adopters, all were doing well and had grown in confidence even further.

French Bulldog Mildred and her cauliflower ear


Mildred's ears were swollen and bloody, and needed medical care to relieeve her pain.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Adopted lurcher Norman asleep on the sofa


We catch up with Norman's new owners, who adopted him a few months ago.

Dogs, Rehome

Adopted Lurchers Ted and Ivy on the sofa

Ivy and Ted

We catch up with multi-lurcher owners of Ivy and Ted, to see what it is really like to adopt.

Dogs, Rehome

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