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Can you adopt a cat if you are allergic?

Pets are just one of the triggers for asthma attacks and allergies. They are caused by the animal’s dander (flakes of skin), saliva and urine. People are more likely to be allergic to cats because cats groom themselves using saliva and it is the protein Fel d 1 in the saliva which is the irritant.

There is no such thing as an hypoallergenic cat – hairless or hairy doesn't make a difference! But still, not all cats are equal when it comes to allergies. Individual cats produce different levels of the protein, and you are an individual too and have different sensitivities. The answer is to meet the cat and see what triggers you. 

Pets also carry environmental allergens on their coats – pollen, dust and mould – so it may not be the pet you are allergic to, but they can increase your exposure to these things as they come in for a cuddle. 

There are lots of ways to live with cats and your allergies.  » Click here to read our Pet Care article on allergies.

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