Adopted story: Vinny & Theo

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These bonded brothers needed a home together, despite being chalk and cheese

Theo and Vinny came to us aged about 4-weeks. Even then they were best friends, never far from each other, despite differences in their characters so we made sure that they found a new home together. We had this lovely catch up recently. 

"Vinny and Theo are still very close to each other and like to groom each other and chase all over the house and, more recently, the garden. However they're extremely loving and sociable and love a lap, snuggle and especially a tummy tickle.

As to their characters; Theo is very calm, considered and often seems deep in thought. Vinny, by contrast, is like a firework; into everything and easily distracted, never wanting to miss out on what might be going on elsewhere! Between them they very much keep us on our toes.

We can't thank you enough for the opportunity to give them a home."

Cats as kittens and grown up
Vinny and Theo as kittens, and grown up in their adopted home
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