Crumble & Custard

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A fostering story from last year, to show the valuable work our volunteer foster team do.

Belle the cat came in during August last year with very young kittens and they went to a foster home. Through the processes we have, the fosterer noticed that the kittens were not gaining weight as expected and brought them all in to us for a check-up.

Here at the Vet centre, our team noticed that the mum cat’s nipples were sore and may be blocked, so it seemed that the kittens were not getting enough milk. They advised, for the kittens’ and mum’s health, to separate them and hand-feed the kittens so they can get a measured amount of milk every day.

This action from the fosterer and our Vet team meant happy endings all round. Mum had some cream treatment to heal her skin; she got better quickly and was adopted in October. Kittens were fostered again and hand reared, both growing nice and strong. They were adopted together in November and named Custard and Crumble.

If you are interested in fostering, read more on our Foster page » 

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