Cats, Rehabilitate

Shy Flora and her journey to adoption.


With rehabilitation in the cattery and on foster, she grew in confidence and relaxed in human company in just 4 weeks. 
Wait for her adorable adoption photos in her new home at the end! 

From her new owner: 
"She’s turned into such a lap cat, she’s so friendly and really comfortable - not just with me but with my carers too, which is just so nice. 
She does have quite a playful side to her which is fun to see and to play with her."


Giving time for rehabilitation like this is only possible thanks to the generous support of our Regular Givers. Set up a direct debit today to help us be there for the next vulnerable animal that needs our support.

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Sidney the cat with one eye closed


Sidney had an eye-opening treatment

Cats, Rehabilitate

Cat Mole had alopecia caused by an allergy, making him almost bald.


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Cats, Rehabilitate

white cat in cattery_Albie keeping an eye on us in the cattery


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Cats, Rehabilitate

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