Independent cats

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Did you know that we rehome free-roaming and community cats? 

Not all cats want to live with people, but we do look for homes for these cats where someone can care for them. We categorise these as either free-roaming or community depending on their reaction to people.

Free-roaming cats

Sometimes known as farm cats. These very independent cats will have an out-building as a base for shelter and regular food, spending most of their time exploring their countryside territory. They will not want to interact with people but may venture close by especially as they get older.

Community cats

These suburban cats have no formal owner, being fed by several households in their territory. Their temperament can range from wary to quite friendly, but always on their terms. They have the potential to become pet cats, given gentle socialisation, especially as they get older.

» Find out more about the set up you need to adopt these cats.

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If you are interested in adopting a free-roaming cat you can register to adopt with us, but we also recommend signing up to the national RSPCA Farm Cat Register. The team have successfully helped us find homes for some of our lovely independent moggies.

» Click here to read more about the national RSPCA Farm Cat Register

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