Houseplants and pets


Today is Houseplant Appreciation Day

Most of the time, houseplants and pets get along just fine but it is worth knowing about potential dangers.

When choosing a houseplant, check the label – in garden centres all plants should have a warning label on.
A – Poisonous (usually not for sale!)
B – Toxic if eaten
C – Harmful if eaten

Many of the plants smell or taste disgusting to pets and it is unlikely your pet will ingest enough of any plant to cause serious damage. 

If your pet is a chewer (and those puppies who are teething!) they are most likely to have a reaction to the irritant such as blistering or itching of the mouth and gums (occasionally this is misdiagnosed as gingivitis), sneezing and eye problems. 

Keep an eye on your pet – if they are off their food for several days, vomiting, have diarrhoea, are drooling or pawing at their mouth, then get them to a vet and let them know which plant may have contributed.

Our top 3 plants to avoid owning

Dieffenbachia known as dumb cane or leopard lily

Adenium known as desert rose

Sago palm


» For more plants, see our Pet care advice section.

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