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Behaviour, training and welfare tips from our experts

Happy cat settled in bed

New cat

Setting up your home ready for your new cat to help them settle in quickly

Cats, Adopters, Cat behaviour

New dog image

New dog

How to help your new friend settle in and start to build a bond

Dogs, Adopters, Dog behaviour

Dog adoption timeline image

Dog adoption timeline

What to expect in the weeks and months after adopting a dog

Dogs, Adopters, Dog behaviour

Changing your pet's diet image

Changing your pet's diet

Tips on weaning your pet onto a new diet to avoid upset tummies

Cats, Dogs, Adopters, Pet health

dog licking their lips_showing a calming signal

Learn to read the subtlest of body language.

Calming signals show when your pet is feeling uncomfortable.

Cats, Dogs, Adopters, Dog behaviour, Pet health, Cat behaviour

indoor space for happy cats

Making your home cat-friendly

If you make your home a comfortable environment for a cat, they will spend more time with you and so be a more rewarding pet. 

Cats, Adopters, Cat behaviour

Secure room for a newly adopted kittem

Secure room set up for cats

How to set up a secure room for newly-adopted cats, or nervous cats

Cats, Adopters

Letting your cat outside image

Letting your cat outside

Letting your cat outside for the first time is nerve-racking! Here are some tips on how to prepare your cat for their next adventure 

Cats, Adopters, Cat behaviour

Dog in large empty field

Quiet walks

 What is a 'quiet walk'? 

Dogs, Adopters, Dog behaviour

Dog cocking his leg to urinate


Toileting and even not-toileting are common frustrations in dog ownership. Here's our advice on encouraging housetraining in dogs.

Dogs, Dog training, Adopters, Dog behaviour

Introducing cats and dogs to each other image

Introducing cats and dogs to each other

If the introduction is done carefully, dogs and cats can learn to live happily together, even if they don't become 'best friends'. 

Cats, Dogs, Dog behaviour, Cat behaviour

Introducing cats to each other image

Introducing cats to each other

Cats are solitary but can form friendships, here's our tips for helping that feline friendship blossom.

Cats, Adopters, Cat behaviour

Free roaming cat in hidey hole

Free-roaming and Community cats

The set up you need, and first steps to owning a more independent cat

Cats, Adopters, Welfare

Benjamin is an FIV cat

FIV cats

What is FIV and how can it affect a cat?

Cats, Pet health

cat hiding under the sofa

Nervous cats

Here's our advice for understanding and bonding with a nervous cat

Cats, Cat behaviour

nervous cat leia hiding but watching

Becoming friends with a nervous cat

This is a guide to some socialisation and befriending a cat that is hiding and wary.

Cats, Cat behaviour

Ginger and white cat inside a pet carrier with the door closed

Getting your cat to love their carrier

Tips on being able to get your cat into a carrier for vet visits.

Cats, Adopters, Pet health, Cat training

We love muzzles! image

We love muzzles!

Why muzzles are beneficial, choosing a good muzzle and how to train your dog to wear one

Dogs, Dog training, Dog behaviour

Crates for dogs image

Crates for dogs

Crates can be great to treat some behaviour issues and also as a nice place for your dog to retreat to.

Dogs, Dog training

Nervous dogs image

Nervous dogs

There are lots of different reasons that your dog might be nervous of new people, or in new situations - we say don’t worry about why but focus on spotting the signs and taking action.   

Dogs, Dog behaviour

Meeting and greeting other dogs image

Meeting and greeting other dogs

Most dogs want to meet others and it is important for them to have the opportunity to display their natural social behaviours and improve their doggie greetings.

Dogs, Dog behaviour

Parallel walking with two dogs of different temperaments

Introducing dogs with Parallel Walking

A technique for helping dogs meet each other

Dogs, Dog training, Dog behaviour

reactive dog barking on lead

Walking with a reactive dog

Tips for coping with your everyday walks

Dogs, Dog training, Dog behaviour

Dog showing avoidance and calming signals

Stranger danger!

Helping your anxious dog cope when meeting new human friends

Dogs, Dog behaviour

Dog guarding a stick_baring teeth_growling

Mine! Guarding in dogs

Dogs guard what is precious to them, but it is possible to live with a guarding dog with a little two-way understanding.

Dogs, Dog training, Dog behaviour

dog with food puzzle game

Games with your dog

Keeping a dog mentally stimulated will prevent behaviour problems such as barking, being destructive or over-grooming. Let’s beat that boredom!

Dogs, Adopters, Dog behaviour

training a dog to give their attention

Focus and attention games

Great commands to build a bond and keep them close

Dogs, Dog training, Adopters

Cat playing with ready to pounce body language

Play with your cat!

Playing with your cat increases your bond, encourages them to stay closer to home, and reduces the urge to kill wildlife outside.

Cats, Adopters, Cat behaviour, Welfare

Happy cat with their owner

Leaving cats alone

Everything you need to know 

Cats, Welfare

Dog happy in the crate_image by Tracy Ducasse

Teaching your dog to be left alone

When your dog finds it difficult for you to be away

Dogs, Dog training, Dog behaviour

cat walking on a kitchen top counter

Cats on counters

We give you our advice for more positive training.

Cats, Cat behaviour, Cat training

Living with pets and allergies image

Living with pets and allergies

Pets are just one of the triggers for allergies including asthma attacks, but some simple steps may be enough to mean that you can keep your pet and control your allergy.

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Keeping cats cool in hot weather image

Keeping cats cool in hot weather

Our top tips for keeping your pet safe and happy in summer weather

Cats, Pet health, Cat behaviour, Welfare

Keeping dogs cool in hot weather image

Keeping dogs cool in hot weather

Our tips for keeping your hound cool and safe in the summer.

Dogs, Pet health, Welfare

walking a dog_summer hot weather

Walking your dog in hot weather

If the weather is warm, exercise can be too much for our dogs.

Dogs, Pet health, Welfare

cat upside down in a cosy bed

Helping your pets in cold weather

Keep your cats and dogs safe and cosy when the temperature drops

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Cats with houseplants_toxic house plants

Houseplants and pets

Most of the time, houseplants and pets get along just fine but it is worth knowing about potential dangers.

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Chocolate sweets

Chocolate and pets

Chocolate is very toxic to both cats and dogs

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Cat enjoying a garden

Toxic food and poisonous plants for cats

Foods and plants to keep away from your pet cat.

Cats, Adopters, Welfare

dog in garden with owner gardening

Toxic food and poisonous plants for dogs

Foods and plants to keep away from your pet dog.

Dogs, Adopters, Welfare

Dog on the sofa with his owner who is gently holding his leg

Teaching your pet to accept being checked over

Being able to handle your pet means you can safely help them when they are ill or injured.

Cats, Dogs, Dog training, Pet health, Cat training

dog training indoors

Touch training for reluctant pets

If your pet does not like a certain area being touched, then work gradually through this training.

Cats, Dogs, Dog training, Pet health, Cat training

dog hiding under a blanket so you can only see their nose

Looking for changes in your pet

Small changes in your pet’s behaviour and habits could be a sign of an ongoing illness or injury.

Cats, Dogs, Pet health

British Bulldog Coco is brachycephalic and needed corrective surgery to improve her breathing.

Brachycephalic breeds

What health issues you should look for if you own a flat-faced pet

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Dog looking out of a window

Separation anxiety

What is it and what can you do to help?

Dogs, Dog behaviour

Puppy being held in someone's arms

Puppy essentials: The first days and nights

Getting off to the best start with your new puppy.


Puppies in their crate

Puppy essentials: Crates and playpens

Prepare some safe spaces for your puppy. 


Puppy eating from a food bowl

Puppy essentials: Feeding

What to feed your puppy 


Puppy weeing on a puppy pad

Puppy essentials: Toilet training

Teaching your puppy to go to the toilet outside


Puppy with a chew toy

Puppy essentials: Leaving them on their own

Tips on getting them used to being left for short periods.


Puppy yawning but it may not be because they are tired

Puppy introductions: Body language and cues

Dogs talk a lot through their body language, and keeping an eye on these can really help you understand your puppy.


Our team socialising puppies in one of our paddocks

Puppy introductions: Socialising

It is very important that your puppy learns about life while it is young and open to new experiences.


Dog licking a child's face

Puppy introductions: Children

Teaching your puppy and children to live in harmony


Puppy greeting an adult dog

Puppy introductions: Other dogs

Keeping your puppy socialised with other well-mannered dogs


Puppy dog chewing their bed

Puppy playtime and training: Chewing and mouthing

Coping with chewing, teething and mouthing


Puppy jumping up to get attention

Puppy playtime and training: Jumping up

Four paws to the floor!


Older puppy running to a recall command

Puppy playtime and training: Recall


Dog with a KONG enrichment toy

Puppy playtime and training: Enrichment

Making your puppy use their brain


Puppy in training_settle on a mat_down

Puppy playtime and training: Training

Why we train, and how to find a good class


Gallery of cat and dog eyes

Healthy eyes

Caring for your pet's eyes.

Pet health

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