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Thank you to the Trust which has made such to a difference to animal welfare worldwide

Each year we rely on our network of supporters to help raise the £1.8 million we need to keep the animals in our care happy and healthy, so we were very pleased when we recently received a generous gift from one of our most loyal and generous donors, the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust.  

This year the Trust is celebrating 40 years of giving and, to mark the occasion, it has made available extra funding to share with some of the charities it has regularly supported over the years. 

We have been very grateful for the Trust’s assistance for over 21 years, no more so than in 2018 when it made a crucial contribution towards the building of our new kennel block, which houses our state-of-the-art puppy unit.  Thanks to gifts like this, many hundreds of cats and dogs are now safe and secure in their forever homes.

Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust gave a crucial donation to build the kennel block, which houses the puppy unit 


Mrs Sainsbury established the Trust in 1982 and, during her lifetime, received many awards for services to animal welfare, including an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Veterinary College. Since then, the Trust has donated over £11 million to hundreds of animal charities, both at home and abroad, and has helped animals ranging from cats, dogs and horses to elephants, tigers and orangutans. 

 » You can find out more about the work of the Trust by clicking here. 

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