dog and owner on sofa

Pet Health series

We are launching a new Pet Health series, covering all the useful things to know for keeping your pet cats and dogs healthy and happy. 

Pet health, Welfare

Chocolate sweets

Chocolate and pets

Chocolate is very toxic to both cats and dogs – find out why and what symptoms to watch for.


Labrador dog underneath a Christmas tree

Preparing ahead for Christmas with your pet

Keeping your pet safe through the festivities

Cats, Dogs, Welfare

Jack Russell dog with pumpkin_royalty free image from Canva

Trick or Treat?

Should you dress up your pet?


Farm cat free-roaming cat Mocha in her barn

Independent cats

Did you know that we rehome free-roaming and community cats? 

Cats, Welfare

Young child and dog in the river covered in mud

School holidays for pets

Keeping to their routine is key


The office isn't for everyone!  image

The office isn't for everyone!

It is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Dogs, Welfare

Young cat being scanned for a microchip_photo by Emma Jacobs RSPCA

New microchipping law for cats

New laws coming in next year means cat owners must take action


Dog having a microchip checked


Why these little chips make a big difference


child and dog licking her face

Keeping children safe around dogs

Tips for families during Child Safety Week

Dog behaviour, Welfare

walking cute dog on a harness and lead

Happy Walks

May is National Walking Month, so let's make our dog's walks fun!

Dogs, Welfare

Pet allergies image

Pet allergies

Can you adopt a cat if you are allergic?

Cats, Welfare

lost pet sign by Pixabay

World Stray Animals Day

Our top tips to prepare in case your pet is lost


Tick parasite on a person

Tick bites and your pet

How to remove and identify ticks


Bulldog Dahlia having a nap

World Sleep Day



chihuahua with protuding eyes and dome-shaped head, a sign of poor breeding

Considering getting a dog?

Before you jump into the joy of owning a dog, take a moment to consider the breed you have fallen for

Dogs, Welfare

Lily_lilies are poisonous to cats

Lilies and cats

A reminder to avoid lilies in your Valentines bouquets


cats with house plants

Houseplants and pets

Today is Houseplant Appreciation Day


Kittens playing with a cardboard box

Boxes as enrichment

You'll probably have lots of boxes and wrapping paper around, don't recycle straight away – use them as an enrichment game for your pet!


Dog with Christmas decorations

Creating a safe space for your pets 

Helping your pets cope with a busy household


Pretty cat in a cattery

Winter Appeal - Billy

Billy needed long-term rehabilitation in our cattery, and his transformation is wonderful.

Welfare, Charity news

Kitten in a cosy bed

Winter Appeal - Fly

Tiny and wounded, Fly had one of many emergency operations at the Home in 2022

Welfare, Charity news

Vet listening to a puppy's heartbeat with a stethoscope

Winter Appeal - at the vet suite

A look behind the scenes at the Vet Suite, as our appeal focuses on an increased need for medical rehabilitation.

Welfare, Charity news

Cat having flea treatment to the back of their neck

Pet care costs

Keeping an eye on those pet medical costs


Two chihuahua dogs

Winter Appeal

Help rescue animals get the medical care and love they desperately need, by donating to our Winter Appeal.

Welfare, Charity news

Puppy looking guilty after a toileting accident, or is he?


Happy World Toilet Day! Toileting is big news for pets as well, so we take a look at one of the aspects of housetraining a dog, be it a puppy or new rescue dog.

Dogs, Welfare

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