Adopted (9-15 January)

Adopted last week

A busy adoption week

Last week 19 animals were adopted, and 3 lost pets were reunited with their families.

Most of our litter of ten (ten!) lurcher puppies were adopted last week, who had been keeping us very busy in December. But featured this week is the gorgeous Winifred pictured having a bath in our grooming room, before changing into her pretty pink walking set from her new owners. The couple adopting had recently lost their old dog, and Winnie was determined to start with the healing cuddles before they even left the Home. 

Thank you so much to all adopters » see our full rehomed gallery by clicking here. 

dog in grooming room

Black cat wearing a soft medical cone shaped like a sunflower

Adopted (27 November-3 December)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Puppy called Parsnip who was adopted this week

Adopted (20-26 November)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Mike the rescue cat having a lap cuddle in the cattery

Adopted (13-19 November)

Adopted numbers from last week

Adopted last week

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