Adopted (12-18 June)

Adopted last week

Last week's adoptions

Last week we rehomed 7 animals and reunited 3 lost pets with their owners.

Adoptions included our lovely Bonny. Originally she came to us with undiagnosed health issues, and it took a lot of work from our veterinary team to find she had the rare Addison's Disease. It means daily medication and a stress-free lifestyle is needed for Bonny, so she was looking for a family who could give her plenty of company and cuddles.

Matching pets to homes is what makes adopting a rescue unique, thank you so much to all of our adopters who chose to adopt and give a pet a second chance.

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Dog having a tummy tickle

Always time for one more tummy tickle!

Black cat wearing a soft medical cone shaped like a sunflower

Adopted (27 November-3 December)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Puppy called Parsnip who was adopted this week

Adopted (20-26 November)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Mike the rescue cat having a lap cuddle in the cattery

Adopted (13-19 November)

Adopted numbers from last week

Adopted last week

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