The office isn't for everyone!

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It is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

It is great to spend more time with your dog, but here’s 5 things to consider before they become the office doggo.

1. Is your place of work dog-safe?
Think about where your pet would spend their time in the office and whether they'd have space to make themselves comfortable, to keep themselves busy and to exhibit normal behaviours?

2. Will your dog be comfortable at work?
Taking your dog to work can be a wonderful way to break up prolonged periods of time home alone, but it isn't for all dogs. Offices can be busy, noisy and strange environments for pooches, so it's important to consider whether your dog will be relaxed and content before taking them in.

3. Are your colleagues dog-friendly?
Offices are shared working spaces so it's really important that everyone is happy with a four-legged friend coming into work. Find out if any of your colleagues have any allergies or a fear of dogs before bringing the hound in for the day.

4. Will your dog have their own space?
Dogs need their own space and moving dogs in and out of areas that smell like other dogs can be distressing for them. Will your dog have their own area and plenty of space to make themselves at home? 

5. Do you have time to take your dog for regular breaks?
Can your work pace allow for regular breaks to take your dog out for toilet breaks, to exercise, and to have a sniff? 


Pictured : Aries having a snooze in the Rehoming office. 

French Bulldog Mildred and her cauliflower ear


Mildred's ears were swollen and bloody, and needed medical care to relieeve her pain.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Young dachshund cross puppy running toward the camera

Dachshund litter

A litter of 7-month-old puppies proved to be a wriggly challenge for our Behaviour team.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Adopted lurcher Norman asleep on the sofa


We catch up with Norman's new owners, who adopted him a few months ago.

Dogs, Rehome

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