Adopted story: Alan

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We find out the truth about adopting a lurcher...

Meet Alan, he is about to celebrate his first year adoption anniversary! We spoke to his family about what it was really like to adopt a lurcher – the good, the bad, and the pointy...

Why did you get a lurcher?

When we contacted the Home we were open to any breed and were more concerned about temperament. I said I’d like a dog that would like a walk through the park and then a cuddle on the sofa and Alan was suggested to us (and how could I say no to that beautiful face!).

He definitely lives up to my request, a walk around the park results in 18+ hours of snoozing on the sofa.

I admit I was slightly on edge about his size when I first met him [Alan is a greyhound lurcher weighing about 29kg] but lurchers are such sweet and gentle dogs it is definitely no issue!

Alan was VERY excitable when we got him. We couldn’t touch him without him jumping at us (and being taller than me on his hind legs that can be off putting). But he’s super keen to please and with a little bit of work he now knows to keep all 4 paws on the floor!

What has been the toughest thing?

Our biggest challenge is Alan’s reactivity. Alan is super dog friendly but can get a bit overwhelmed when we’re out on walks which can cause him to have a bit of a bark. With regular training he’s doing really well and keeping his focus on us and disengaging from his triggers before he gets overwhelmed.

He can now go to training classes with other dogs, has two best friends in a Staffy and a Cockapoo, and goes to monthly walks with local sighthounds. It has been a lot of hard work but 1000% worth it to see him relax and come out of his shell. He’s come on so well.

What are the best bits?


I can’t imaging life with any other breed now (I’m already planning on how I can persuade my partner to get another one).

Lurchers are so gentle and sweet. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who has met Al has said how lovely and sweet he is. Lurchers are massive couch potatoes that love nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa after a stroll and watching him run around an enclosed field being his happy goofy self fills me with joy.

Alan has given me more of a social life than ever before as I’m constantly being stopped by people complimenting him and asking about his story.

His wardrobe is bigger than mine I think as he loves wearing his jumpers to stay nice and cosy during the winter months! 

» Follow Alan on Instagram @alanthelurcher

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