Adopted story: Ethel

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An anxious dog nervous of strangers and dogs, what this girl needed was to feel loved.

Ethel was a stray or abandoned dog, a quiet and affectionate girl who needed some training to learn housetraining and not to steal food (she was very underweight when we took her in so must have been scavenging). The photo of her above is from when she first came in to rescue in January, and she was adopted in early March.

It has been lovely to get an adoption update showing a happy dog who has blossomed, feeling secure with her family to learn new things and be a little braver. 

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for letting us adopt Ethel. She is by far the best thing we have ever done for our family. The kids adore her, she’s incredibly cute with them. 

Dog lying on sofa with small child Dog lying on sofa with owner's legs

Oh and she’s got a boyfriend too… Kobe is an old timer Labrador cross, she instantly reverts to a puppy with him and starts bouncing around everywhere trying to instigate play!

She comes with us when we go for pub lunches and she is like a little celebrity! At a new place recently with the family I swear about 17 people individually wanted to come up and say hello because she was just utterly chilled on her bed next to me, she didn't flinch at other dogs in the pub OR be cheeky to try and get to our food on the tables. Honestly very proud of her!

She is perfect! We just can’t imagine our family without her now!”

Dog in garden with umbrella for shade Dog being walked by small child down a country lane

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