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We met with Shop Manager Tiz to chat about our Bradford on Avon Charity Shop.

How long has the shop been here?
We opened in September 2021, at the beginning was just me, Tiz, then my lovely assistant manager Cleo joined me later on in 2022. 

When are you open? 
We are open 7 days a week, 9:30am to 5:30pm, and 10:30 to 4:30pm on a Sunday.

Can dogs come in? Do have any regulars? 
We love our regular furry friends, and their owners of course! ????  these are just a few of them:

The handsome Spuds, a real character, he loves his treats so much, and we love him!

The beautiful Alfie, and Lily, they are really sweet, we all love it when they come to visit us!

The gorgeous Merry, she is a real sweetie, we absolutely love her!

The lovely Jess, and her gorgeous boy Jasper, he’s just adorable! 

Tell us about the shop!
We  have a Specially Selected rail in which we only display high-end brands which can’t be sold in the normal rails due to the much higher price tags. We are very lucky to be in Bradford on Avon where our customers appreciate good quality brands, and they are so generous to give them to us when it’s time to part with them. 

We have also just introduced our new rail called: Just in today! Everything that has been sorted on the day, gets steamed, and goes straight on that rail. So, if you are a regular customer, you don’t have to go through all the rails to see what’s new, and every other customer gets first pick on the new arrivals too.
But bear in mind that rail will only stay for one day only, or even less, because we really are extremely busy bees, and we can sort, and steam until the cows go home! 

We display everything by size, and everything has a designated rail, so if you are looking for a skirt in a size 10, you can find it in no time.

Can we meet your volunteers? 




We always need volunteers, we appreciate any time you can give us from one hour, to the whole day. You will be part of our team, tea, coffee and biscuits are always available. 

You can choose to serve customers at the till, and other little jobs, like sorting out the books, or jewellery, or you can steam in the stockroom, there is a job for everyone. 

How often do you change stock? 
We put out new stock every single day.

What are your bestsellers?  
Our best sellers are the ladies’ tops, and the Specially Selected range.

Unusual recent donation:


Where can you donate items/park to drop things off?
There is a loading bay just in front of our shop, we accept donation every day, at any time. But, if you want to be sure we can take all of your items, you can give us a call beforehand, just to make sure, we can take specific items.  

What are your most wanted donations
Good quality clothes, ladies, men, and childrens too, also wool is always on high demand.

Tell us about you! Why do you like managing a charity shop? 
I have been in Retail for many years, but after a while I realised that working for big company wasn’t for me. Apart from giving the big CEOs the joy of buying their new sport car, or a house in the Caribbeans, I also wasn’t really making any difference to anyone’s life. 

Working for an animal charity makes me happy, now I know that every single penny I make in my shop goes to the cats and dogs in care at the Home for food, vet bills, or even helping someone to find their lost pet. 

The adoption day for a pet, and their future owners is something special, and I like to think, I contributed to make that special day happen.

What's the best part of your job?
I love dressing my windows, especially at Christmas time, when I can be really creative.


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