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Peggy and her ‘rags to riches’ adoption story 

This adoption story melted our hearts, read on to see Peggy’s transformation from a poorly rescue dog to a pampered pooch. 

When she first arrived at Bath Cats and Dogs Home in October 2021, Peggy was in a terrible condition with a matted coat filled with fleas. Her eye had burst and was leaking pus, needing urgent attention from our veterinary team.

Under anaesthetic in our vet suite, Peggy had her damaged eye removed and her coat clipped to relieve the tension from matted fur. After her operation she stayed at Bath Cats and Dogs Home to recuperate. 

Peggy in the vet suite on arrival


Matthew and his partner registered to adopt with us. It was an interesting challenge for our Rehoming team to find the right dog to match their lifestyle because Matthew’s partner travels a lot and works away on hotel photoshoots, so they needed a pet that was sociable, happy to meet strangers and be stroked. 

When we brought Matthew into the room to meet Peggy, it was legitimately love at first sight. Usually wary of strangers, she took to Matthew immediately and we could see she had the potential to be confident and sociable. Since adoption, we’ve heard lots of great feedback from Matthew on how Peggy is settling into her new life and he has kindly shared many professional photos of her in her new life of luxury.

Peggy on adoption day

Peggy on adoption day

Matthew said: “Our experience of Bath Cats and Dogs Home has been a wonderful journey. After our initial enquiry, this led to a discussion about the various types of dogs that we were interested in, ones that would suit our needs and lifestyle. The team then matched us with Peggy, and she is perfect!”

“When Peggy first joined us, she had a few separation and anxiety issues, which is understandable after everything she has been through. So we had to adjust to accommodate her; and with patience and time she has become more confident, grown to trust us, shown everyone her beautiful personality and now we cannot imagine life without her.”

“Peggy is also learning new skills as a hearing dog, as my partner and I are Deaf, supporting us both at home and in the community.”

“Our lovely Peggy really has come from ‘rags to riches’ and she now travels around the UK, visiting luxury hotels with my partner for his photography work. She has adjusted to this lifestyle well and wherever she goes she gets pampered and spoilt - and she deserves it!” 

Peggy is the star of many a hotel photoshoot as part of her new family's work

 » If you’re thinking of rehoming a rescue pet, like Peggy, and would like to find out more about our adoption process at Bath Cats and Dogs Home, please click here.

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