Cats, Rehabilitate

A flea allergy that had gone untreated quickly deteriorated this kitten's health.


An allergy left this kitten with alopecia and painful sores on his skin. Frustratingly, regular flea treatment or early intervention with steroid treatment would have prevented his health deteriorating this far. 

At just under a year old, Mole was a confident and playful cat with a machine-like purr. He enjoyed our secure cat garden for playtimes, wearing a jumper to keep him warm in the winter months.

Cat Mole in the cat garden, wearing a jumper to protect from a winter chill

It took 6 weeks to bring him back to good health, and was quickly adopted, popping back for a check-up with our Veterinary team after adoption to ensure he was continuing to improve. And below here he is in his new home with a full coat of fur, his new family told us "He remains adorable, eating really well and loves to play with our cat Tilley. She takes herself up to bed when she has had enough. He sleeps between us at night, adores being cuddled and remains as curious as ever,  we love him dearly."

Cat Mole in his new home with a full coat of fur

Sidney the cat with one eye closed


Sidney had an eye-opening treatment

Cats, Rehabilitate

Dark tortoiseshell cat in a hidey bed


Shy Flora and her journey to adoption.

Cats, Rehabilitate

white cat in cattery_Albie keeping an eye on us in the cattery


Can our rehabilitation programme transform this grubby and grouchy stray?

Cats, Rehabilitate

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