Adopted story: Tillie

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Tillie was looking for a home with plenty of company, we caught up with her new family.

Tillie came to us in the spring, and showed signs of being anxious when left alone so we needed to match her to a home where she would have company and be given plenty of time to settle in as part of her training. We were really pleased with her update from her adopters!

"Tillie is settling down well – creating a routine has helped her to get more relaxed and her separation anxiety has eased quite a lot now. She gets on very well with people and has made some friends among the local dogs.

She is now probably the most popular dog in our local pub and we lost count of the number of times people stopped by to say how beautiful she is. She enjoys the daily walks and the longer excursions on the weekend with our walking group of friends.

We definitely couldn't have hoped to find a better dog and we are very happy that you matched us with her. Thank you so much again for bringing Tillie into our lives."

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