World Sleep Day



Is your pet getting enough sleep? Sleep is just as essential to pet health as it is to us. Cats need 12-18 hours a day, and dogs 8-14 hours. Puppies and kittens need even more, and it is crucial to their development.

Tiredness can lead to grumpiness, just like with us! So make sure they can get that downtime, and if they are asleep, don’t wake them up. But over-sleeping may be a sign of boredom, so check they are getting enough mental stimulation with food puzzles, playtimes and sniffing walks for dogs. 

During school breaks make sure your pet can still have the time out they are used to when the kids are usually out. The change in routine is hard on your pets too!

Open and sociable bed placement, so they can see what is happening in the room.

Cats and their beds 

Notice what and where your cat wants from sleeping spots and give them more of what they need.

Give a choice of covered or open beds – we will advise you of their favourites when you adopt a cat from us. You don’t have to spend lots of money though, a cardboard box and a blanket can make a great bed.

Give a choice of both open and private locations. For both types, elevation is key even if it is just a folded blanket or towel underneath.

An open location is where they can see everything coming, and it makes them feel safe. Place a bed where they have options to move away if approached - at the top of the stairs is a great one, or under a table.

Hidey post with added paw! We sometimes drape a blanket over as well for added privacy.

Cats also like hiding posts and will usually find their own. Help make them comfortable and accessible. Favourite hiding spots include a shelf in a wardrobe or in laundry baskets! We use cat scratching posts with an elevated cubby hole in every cat pod, it’s a top favourite.

Smell is important to cats. If you bring a new bed in, place used blankets or toys of theirs inside to show it belongs to them.


Dogs’ sleeping positions

The positions can be wild and wonderful with paws everywhere! But they also give a clue to how your dog is doing. How is your dog sleeping right now?

Side sleep is the deepest.

Side sleep with legs out is the deepest sleep. Don’t disturb!

Head on paws like a statue of a lion (like Dahlia, at the top of this blog). This is a quick nap.

Donut (curled up tight) is for warmth, safety and comfort. Maybe tuck on a blanket and tell them they are a good dog.

On their back and leaning against you are both big signs of trust.

Superman (all legs stretched in a line) is worn out, need some zzz’s. And on their back shows they feel safe and just a bit hot and need cooling off.

Important! If your dog needs their head elevated to sleep (for example, they always use a toy as a pillow or to prop their mouth open), or they snore and wake often, it may be a sign of breathing difficulties. Short-muzzled dogs such as bulldogs and pugs can often do this. Check in with your vet to be sure that they are OK.

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