School holidays for pets


Keeping to their routine is key

School's out for summer! And the daily routine of the school run and pick up is out the window. Great for us humans, but did you know that pets really struggle with a change in routine? Here's what you can do to help your pet get through summer holidays.

  • Keep feeding times at the same time.
  • Keep dog walks at the same times. If you are going out later in the day with your dog you can just do a short walk, but the act of going out before breakfast (if that's their routine) will be very important to them.
  • Make sure they get downtime. Your pet needs the time to sleep and be alone that they are used to when the kids are usually out. 
  • Don't change any house rules. Especially if your pet is quite new to you, it is very confusing.

cute terrier dog with alarm clock

Long summer days

A lot of pets will really enjoy the extra time with you and your family, but do keep their welfare in mind when planning your holidays.

Consider if your dog will prefer to be with you out for the day, or would be best to stay at home. It may be too hot, too busy, too far to walk, or there are no facilities for dogs where you are going for the day. 

Check in regularly with your pet, paying attention to their body language. Do they need a break? Do they need attention? 

The RSPCA has some great advice on holidays with your pet, or if you choose to leave your pet at home with a pet sitter or animal boarding facility.


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