Winter Appeal - Goldy

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The future looks bright for this little girl with some medical rehabililtation.

Meet Goldy, she is currently having medical rehabilitation having arrived two weeks ago, dirty and 5kg underweight. 

She has had several vet checks, a bath particularly so we can see her feet properly and lots of medications to make her feel more comfortable. So far, Goldy has had a course of anti-allergy tablets to clear up her itchy feet, she has twice daily ear drops for sore infected ears, an anti-inflammatory once a day, pain killers twice a day, and of course a worm and flea treatment as well. 

Once she is off her steroids she will be vaccinated, and when she has gained a little more weight she can be neutered and have a dental operation, as she has lots of tartar and gum disease.

Every day, our Animal Care team are taking notes to learn about her character, and she will have her behaviour assessment once she is feeling more settled in. It will be a few more weeks until she gets there though. And after that, when she is ready, Goldy will be available to adopt. 

Here she is in a cosy onesie, having a cuddle from her carer in one of our paddocks.

This amount of medical rehabilitation before an animal is ready to be adopted is not unusual, and we are doing this 60, 70 times over a day for other cats and dogs at the Home who need that extra care. It is why we are here, but we do need your help.

Please donate to fund these simple medications and expert care that make a world of difference to dogs like Goldy.

Use the Donate button above or » click here to start a direct debit for a monthly gift


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