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Recognising the Dedication of the Bath Community Fundraisers Group

Today we’re shining a spotlight on the outstanding contributions of a group of dedicated volunteers who have made a significant impact on Bath Cats and Dogs Home.

Del Gale, Barbara Hyman, Shirley Allen, and Ann Book have re-energised our Bath Community Fundraising Group since taking it over in 2019, with the aim of generating essential funds for our animal welfare activities and providing support to our Fundraising team.

Del, Barbara, Shirley, and Ann have been dedicated volunteers for us for many years, with a combined total of 32 years of service. They engage in various weekly volunteer activities at the Home, including dog walking, puppy and cat socialisation, fostering, and managing donations.

Initially, the group primarily sold crafts made by volunteers at local craft fairs. However, their collective dedication and initiative led to the gradual expansion into street collections, quiz nights, car boot sales, and tabletop stalls at craft fairs and local events, quietly but consistently spreading awareness about our rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming efforts.

The Bath Community Fundraisers Group demonstrates impressive teamwork. They've raised additional funds by adopting new fundraising approaches, and their craft stalls are frequently booked for multiple events on weekends.

Since 2019, the Bath Community Fundraisers Group has raised an impressive £12.4K, providing invaluable support to Bath Cats and Dogs Home's rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming activities. In 2022 they raised £4K in funds which were particularly vital last year as we experienced a 121% increase in abandoned and stray animals requiring our care.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Del, Barbara, Shirley, and Ann for their unwavering dedication and hard work. They are not merely raising funds; they are also raising awareness, spirit, and the profile of Bath Cats and Dogs Home in the local community.

The Bath Community Fundraisers Group is not just a team of volunteers; they are a dedicated force, embodying the spirit of compassion and community. Their impact extends beyond the figures, and we are incredibly fortunate to have them as part of our family.

Thank you, Del, Barbara, Shirley, and Ann, for your steadfast commitment to our cause.



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