Catching up with an adopted litter

Dogs, Rehome

A special litter from last summer are all grown up!

You may remember in summer last year we had a little of puppies, all named after fruit, some of whom had congenital alopecia. We’ve been checking in with the families and receiving some lovely updates and photos back. 

Teddy (above) “He likes to spend time with all of us as a family, and also likes to spend time one to one with each of us”
Tuck (below left) “We fondly call him the shadow because he just loves being involved in everything, he’s so nosy.”
Banjo (below right) “He loves his walks to the local field where he has many dog friends with whom he plays with.”


Mazzie in the recovery room waiting for pick up

Together Project - Mazzie

One of our regular clients had a terrible accident – but we could help him.

Dogs, Rehabilitate, Outreach and Community

Poodles Barbie and Cindy in our grooming room

Barbie & Cindy

A poodly photo story

Dogs, Rescue, Rehabilitate

Cece getting better with rehabilitation at BCDH


A neglected dog needed some TLC to transform her.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

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