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Lost a pet?

To send us their details, and some further advice

Here are the first steps to take when your pet goes missing – and if you fill in the form below we will email you some further practical advice. Try not to worry and go through one by one.

Ask us, and other local rescue centres

Either the Dog Warden or member of the public may have handed your pet to us or another local rescue home. We check every pet for a microchip that may help us reunite them with their owner, but you can also contacct us using the form below with all your pet's details. Or if you prefer, our number for stray enquiries is 01225 787322. 

» Fill in our short form below to contact us with your pet's details

» Click here for a list of local rescues that take in strays

For dogs – contact the Dog Warden

All strays must be reported to the Dog Warden, so perhaps they have already picked up your dog. 

» Click here for a list of Dog Wardens in our local areas

Contact your microchip company

Companies such as Petlog will be able to send alerts out to vets in your area. If you are not sure who your pet's microchip is registered with, use Check-a-Chip.

» Check-a-chip website

Register with online lost & found pets services

Dog Lost is a free online service, which alerts helpers in your area to look for your dog. They will also make a poster for you to download and print off. 
» Click here to visit the Dog Lost website

Pets Reunited service tries to match lost and found pets automatically from a combination of description and location. It costs money to register, but you should be able to claim that back from your pet insurance. We use this service to try to reunite stray pets.
» Click here to visit the Pets Reunited website

Animal Search UK is used by many rescues, and has a 'found pets' gallery that is free for anyone to search through once you are registered.
» Click here to visit the Animal Search UK website


We hope that you are reunited with your pet very soon.

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