Adopted (1-7 January)

Adopted last week

Adopted last week

Last week we rehomed 12 animals, and reunited 2 lost pets with their families.

Pictured is Hazel heading off for her next adventure, she jumped straight in to the car.

Hazel came to us as a stray dog in September. An affectionate, very clever but often-worried girl, she needed to gain confidence in her daily life, but we found she needed specific help in one area.

Hazel hated visiting the vets! So much so she would urinate with fear when in a vet room, so we included a positive association program as part of her rehabilitation. This involved short visits to the vet room without any Veterinary staff at first, just her Carer, and be allowed to explore the room. 

Then we reintroduced the Vet team being in the room without any interaction, even eye contact. As Hazel grew in confidence with her training and rehabilitation on site, she brought this into her sessions at the Vet Suite and after 2 months was accepting a treat from the vet. A huge breakthrough!  

Bringing Hazel to this stage through careful behaviour work has meant that she has been able to be adopted, and she will continue with her training and have a happy life with her new family. 

Thank you so much to all of our adopters this week, » click here to see our full adoption gallery.

Hazel howling with excitement
Hazel howling with excitement at being adopted!

Black cat wearing a soft medical cone shaped like a sunflower

Adopted (27 November-3 December)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Puppy called Parsnip who was adopted this week

Adopted (20-26 November)

Adoptions last week

Adopted last week

Mike the rescue cat having a lap cuddle in the cattery

Adopted (13-19 November)

Adopted numbers from last week

Adopted last week

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