Barbie & Cindy

Dogs, Rescue, Rehabilitate

A poodly photo story

This pair of miniature poodles came to us in the summer after being found by someone on their daily run. Both were about 1kg underweight with mange, and Cindy (the smaller girl) had very bad teeth. We treated them with medication, baths, a groom, a dental, neutering and all the cuddles they could cope with (which was quite a lot!). They were adopted after 7 weeks rehabilitation with us.


Barbie and Cindy podles before their bath and groom


Barbie having a medicated bath


Poodle Barbie after her groom Cindy after her wash and groom

Saying goodbye on adoption day

Carers saying goodbye as they head to their new home In the car ready to go home

Snoozing in their new home

Barbie and Cindy in their new home

Mazzie in the recovery room waiting for pick up

Together Project - Mazzie

One of our regular clients had a terrible accident – but we could help him.

Dogs, Rehabilitate, Outreach and Community

Cece getting better with rehabilitation at BCDH


A neglected dog needed some TLC to transform her.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

Ken having muzzle training as part of his rehabilitation programme

Ken and muzzle training

A look behind the scenes at some of the Behaviour training with our dogs, to improve their quality of life and chance of adoption.

Dogs, Rehabilitate

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