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We see how Dan 'the dog' Hill is getting on with his Bath Half training

How are you getting on with your Bath Half training Dan?

I’ve had an eventful few months with calf problems which finally caught up with me. Luckily, after physiotherapy on my calves and hamstrings I am back at football and thankfully able to start running again. My Bath Half training has now started in earnest, and I have written a training programme which I will try and keep to over the next few months. I tend to run after work or after walking our family dog, Basil, and either in rain or shine.

Any top tips to share on how to pace your training to reach your peak on 15 October?

My tips are to plan your training by working backwards from the Big Day! Between 12-16 weeks is a good training regime, as you can just add a mile a week to your long run day or whatever feels comfortable. I find it is important to do a "long run" once a week, but also some quicker runs through the week, to improve your overall pace. I also throw in the odd Hill Training session to mix it up.

What is your target time for the Bath Half and how can you check you are on track?

My target time is sub 1hr 40m as this was the challenge laid down by my in-laws who gave me a place in the Bath Half as a Christmas gift. I will definitely be happy with that time as I’ll be wearing a dog costume again this year. I use my running watch every time I run so I can keep tabs on my timing and distance, I know 7:30 minute miles will be enough on the day so my training runs at anything sub 7:30 keep me motivated safe in the knowledge that I am on track.

Do you have any running buddies or pets or prefer to run solo?

I prefer to run solo and really forget about the stresses of the world. I like doing my seven times tables while I run as it keeps me on track for seven-minute miles and helps keep my brain active as I don't run with music. 


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