'Nut' kittens saved from a feral life

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Born to a feral mum on an industrial estate, this litter need an urgent and intense program of behaviour rehabilitation.

There is a flexible period when kittens are very young where they can learn to accept people as companions. Staff and volunteers all spent time with this hissy little group to give them the experiences they needed – starting as you can see in this video with play from a distance. Named Walnut, Cashew and Peanut they are also known as the Nut Kittens.

All the behaviour rehabilitation work from staff and volunteers paid off, as the trio became more sociable. Peanut is the most affectionate, Cashew is also joining in the play and allowing strokes. Walnut still hides but he is coming out of his shell slowly, being enticed out with play.

Sidney the cat with one eye closed


Sidney had an eye-opening treatment

Cats, Rehabilitate

Cat Mole had alopecia caused by an allergy, making him almost bald.


A flea allergy that had gone untreated quickly deteriorated this kitten's health.

Cats, Rehabilitate

Dark tortoiseshell cat in a hidey bed


Shy Flora and her journey to adoption.

Cats, Rehabilitate

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