Puppy being held in someone's arms

Puppy essentials: The first days and nights

Getting off to the best start with your new puppy.


Puppies in their crate

Puppy essentials: Crates and playpens

Prepare some safe spaces for your puppy. 


Puppy eating from a food bowl

Puppy essentials: Feeding

What to feed your puppy 


Puppy weeing on a puppy pad

Puppy essentials: Toilet training

Teaching your puppy to go to the toilet outside


Puppy with a chew toy

Puppy essentials: Leaving them on their own

Tips on getting them used to being left for short periods.


Puppy yawning but it may not be because they are tired

Puppy introductions: Body language and cues

Dogs talk a lot through their body language, and keeping an eye on these can really help you understand your puppy.


Our team socialising puppies in one of our paddocks

Puppy introductions: Socialising

It is very important that your puppy learns about life while it is young and open to new experiences.


Dog licking a child's face

Puppy introductions: Children

Teaching your puppy and children to live in harmony


Puppy greeting an adult dog

Puppy introductions: Other dogs

Keeping your puppy socialised with other well-mannered dogs


Puppy dog chewing their bed

Puppy playtime and training: Chewing and mouthing

Coping with chewing, teething and mouthing


Puppy jumping up to get attention

Puppy playtime and training: Jumping up

Four paws to the floor!


Older puppy running to a recall command

Puppy playtime and training: Recall


Dog with a KONG enrichment toy

Puppy playtime and training: Enrichment

Making your puppy use their brain


Puppy in training_settle on a mat_down

Puppy playtime and training: Training

Why we train, and how to find a good class


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