Puppy playtime and training: Jumping up



Often puppies will be over excited when greeting you or meeting new people. At this stage it is cute when your puppy jumps up for attention however, this is not the case as they get older and much bigger, or when they greet a stranger. 

Teaching your puppy that they get no attention for jumping up is essential so there are no problems in the future. 


Four paws to the floor

Each time they jump up turn your back quickly and give them no attention. As soon as their feet are back on the floor, they can have lots of praise. If they jump up again repeat this until they understand they get attention when they are on the floor but not when they are jumping up. 

Training visitors to do the same can be harder, but please ask them to help with this training so your puppy gets a consistent message. Ensure you are also making ‘sit’ a very valuable behaviour by giving your puppy lots of praise and tasty treats for sitting at various times and in various locations. Over time sitting will become more rewarding than jumping up.

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