Puppy playtime and training: Enrichment



There are lots of ways to keep your puppy entertained mentally as well as physically – we call this enrichment. 

Why we like enrichment

•    Relieves boredom
•    They learn what is okay to chew and what isn’t
•    Keeps them busy when you are busy or away
•    Is relaxing and calming 

Toys such as Kongs are a great way to keep your puppy busy. They can be used at all ages and are made for different types of dogs. Fill the Kong with something tasty at first so your puppy really wants to chew it. 

As your puppy gets older and more used to the Kong, you can really pack it in and so make them work harder. 

Activity balls (hard hollow balls with a small hole which dispenses food as they are rolled) are also another great way to keep your puppy entertained. 

As with the Kong, over time you can make it harder for the dog so they really have to think hard about how to get the food out – for example putting bigger treats in it will mean they do not fall out as easy.

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