New dog

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Dogs feel comfortable with routine and consistency 

  • Get into a predictable, structured routine as soon as you can.
  • Be consistent – things must always be allowed or never be allowed, such as are they allowed on the sofa or not?
  • Make sure your dog has a quiet place to retreat to if necessary and never disturb them when they are there. Some dogs like crates, but this needs to be trained specifically. » Click here to see our advice on crate training.
  • Sniffing and chewing are calming behaviours for dogs, so give them lots of long lasting chews or Kongs, and throw treats on the floor for them to sniff out.
  • Do lots of games that require your dog to think. Mental stimulation tires dogs out as much as a short walk! » Click here to read about some thinking games for dogs.
  • Keep to quiet walks and build up to busier walks as you get to know each other. » Click here to see our quiet walks advice
Happy cat settled in bed

New cat

Setting up your home ready for your new cat to help them settle in quickly

Cats, Adopters, Cat behaviour

Dog adoption timeline image

Dog adoption timeline

What to expect in the weeks and months after adopting a dog

Dogs, Adopters, Dog behaviour

Changing your pet's diet image

Changing your pet's diet

Tips on weaning your pet onto a new diet to avoid upset tummies

Cats, Dogs, Adopters, Pet health

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